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March 2, 2009

Brooke and Jim

by Stephanie Dana

Brooke is one of my best friends, she lives in Detroit, with her boy, Jim….they came to Cali. for a week, and here are their pictures. Just click on them to view them larger.

As told by BMH:
So The story of us begins at a little coffee shop called Starbucks, her the barista, that melted each time she saw him the customer. It was a instant attraction from day one, OCD meets ADD. WE have been in love ever since and I wanted Stephanie to photograph us because as a photographer I knew she was the only one that would capture the true essence if us. H0w in love we were and how different we are. Me the free-spirited girl that needs him the one in control to follow behind me and just love me for me and of course, help keep me from misplacing everything I touch. And I truly believe my SJD was the only one who could do that for me, get us just being us even if it meant, being uncomfortable making out on city corners. See that is the thing about us, we see each other and not the passerby’s. I love you Stephanie and thank you for documenting us, just being us.