Kelly and EJ- La Jolla Cove Suites 07.10.10

by Stephanie Dana

After googling for bridal giveaways Kelly entered an online contest/giveaway to win a James Clifford Couture dress of her choice, from any season….she found out the next day that she won!

There was so much emotion and tears of joy, I love this one of Kelly’s parents.

Usually the bride picks up her foot, but during this kiss EJ raised his foot, hilarious.

Across the street there are tons of seals, tide pools and in an underwater marine reserve.

Photo taken by my assistant, Candice.

They got married at La Jolla Cove Suites, which has these amazing vibrant pink walls.

Thank you to Kelly and EJ for choosing me to shoot your wedding!

Also thank you to their wedding planner, Stefanie Muse, for being so amazing.

2 Comments to “Kelly and EJ- La Jolla Cove Suites 07.10.10”

  1. these are amazing! the portraits against the pink wall are so beautiful. great job!

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