Johnny + Dima

by Stephanie Dana

Johnny and Dima got married on October 24th at St. George’s Church and their reception was at at Anoush. This wedding had so many different traditions, I especially enjoy all the money throwing at the Bride and Groom during the first dance. Here are a few I love:

It is so sweet when best friend’s tear up at the sight of the bride.

All photos of the guys getting ready are by my associate Renee.

All the guys wore Vans.

It is tradition for the Groomsmen to shave the Groom.

Johnny’s family came over to Dima’s family’s house to take her away in the limo. There was so much dancing and singing, and so many people, it was really fantastic to watch. I am not sure what exactly was being said, but there were alot of happy tears.

Photo of the two Hummers by me, photo of the rims by Renee.

I love Dima’s blinging bow ring.

Shot by Renee.

They had 22 people in their bridal party!!

Last three images by Renee. Johnny and his friends sang a few songs while the band was taking a break.


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