December 22, 1943

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Leland,

Gram received your letter yesterday that you wrote the 11th. Mail comes quite fast. We are well except Percy’s feet. They are raw on his toes yesterday he had to go to Watertown with Beryl as a witness for his papers and he went to the Dr. and he said it came from chilling his feet sometime. He took a blood sample and found that he didn’t have sugar guess that is the only thing he hasn’t had.

Tomorrow we have been married 35 years and the weather today is about as it was that day. We have about six inches of snow and the weather is zero. It has been 22 below and here by the lake is cold. Billy is home today to draw hay. Wish you would send him a card.

Guess Dorthy will die from lonesomeness (guess I didn’t spell that right.) She cant seem to settle herself to being away from you. It is hard to have you and Jr. both gone. We had a V mail card from Edward from somewhere in England. Hope he doesn’t get the flew. It is raging there. Last year he had it after they took him. You will have to be satisfied with my letters as Gram won’t write very often and have somebody reading it.

We are going to Maxine’s for Xmas dinner and take Henry with us. Wish you and Dorthy could be here. Xmas looks pretty good for Arlene. She has a lot of pkgs. She keeps them until Xmas. Billy has to look at his. You must write everyday to D and at least once a week to us.


Leila + Gram



Arlene: is my Grandma

Maxine: is my Grandma’s sister

Beryl: Maxine’s husband

Uncle Lee was in the service, and he was married to Dorthy. This letter is to him from my Grandma Arlene’s mother, Leila.



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