May 17, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Letter 1:

Dear Mother and All-

This is Monday afternoon and I am pretty tried again. We have washed and Percy says he doesn’t see where we find so many clothes to wash. I explained it by saying he was nasty and I am neat. He didn’t think with me of course. He bought me a dandy wringer this morning and that makes it lots easier. I took down the clothes after dinner and left the basket out doors and it is just covered with the brown tailed moth caterpillar. They are very poison to the skin. Mary is sprinkling and looking them all over.

There was a terrible thunder storm here Friday evening. It struck ever so many places all around us. One of our neighbors houses it went in the telephone and it tore  the window cases and tore off the paper from the wall, knocked the pictures down and tore holes in the _____ and went out again. The house didn’t burn. People say they very seldom have thunder storms here.

Saturday Mr. Carroll and Le took Percy for an auto trip. He has been gone ever since. They bought a dandy of western horses. They are young and not much used to being single. One is a dappled and the other is plain. Yesterday Percy went half way after them, ten miles.

It is a funny sight to us to see the mountains caped with clouds. We has seen them once.

Was Leland glad to get my letter? I have six to answer but I don’t like to answer letters. We didn’t get our week before last S.C. news at all. Percy stated a few facts. It came along last Saturday. They expect to begin planting corn day after tomorrow. The men are harrowing today. I have a hen hatching today. We have there sitting and now Mr Carroll wants to eat one of the duck’s eggs. I am going to tell him he must give me a share.

You asked about my appetite, I can eat things I never would before and can’t get enough. The Dr. told them not to let me have more than than what  I want. Percy bought me a straw hat this morning with roosters painted all around it. He said I was a hen and they had roosters.

I can’t think of anymore this time.






Letter 2:

Sunday PM

Dear Mrs. Noble,

I am beginning to think you have forgotten that I exhist here so  I am sending this as a reminder of the fact.

Leila said she wrote you how Percy and Macy were getting. Well you ought to see her. I can’t compare her to any one I ever saw before. She is the biggest of the bunch. While I am not able to get into my clothes of last summer. What will I be if I keep on til fall. They make all sorts of fun of me now but I don’t care as long as I feel well.

Here is a little spring of trailing arbutus our only spring blossom that we picked (while out for a walk this morning.) The trees are just blossoming and everything looks beautiful out for we can take much comfort in going under the trees for there are so many of those poisonous moths. They call them the brown tailed moths. The moths are just out of the nests and are crawling about like apple tree worms.

I don’t try to sew much the housework is all I want to bother with. You know that is a good deal for me to have to search for bedbugs everyday. They are very numerous now still we find a few- just enough to know we have others with us.

Leila writes you all the news so I am just scribbling for fun.

I like it here and I am going to stay. What do you think of that?


I left a vacant space to write more but it is now time for the postman. Wish you could look in and see us.



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