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February 26, 2011


by Stephanie Dana

Three unknown people from the early 1900’s, on the east coast.

I like postcards, there is just something about getting actual postal mail, it makes my day.  Snail mail should make a come back.


February 23, 2011

May 8, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Mother,

We were very pleased to get your letter and a lock of Timothy’s fur. Percy looked at it a long time and so did I. You tell Fay because he never stays any where its no sign that we wont. They are all ready planning on another year.

It is very hot and dry here. Percy says we don’t have rain before long there will be no hay year. Our money come just the same if milk and everything is way down. We have our sowing all done. They are maneuvering the corn ground to begin plowing to manure.

I have done a big washing to day with Percy’s help. He run the machine some and helped to wring some. Mary had to take and do the housework.

Last week the men were in the field with the team to work, Mr.Carroll came up with a man to look at a horse and he brought the team out of the lot. That left us without a horse on the farm. Mr. Carroll sends one of his driving horses up after the milk every morning. Saturday night Percy walked down and drove a rig back for us to use Sunday. He and  I had a dandy long drive. The first since we have been here. We started about ten and didn’t get back until two.

Mr. Tiffts ought to be thankful for what they get. It is a job for Percy to write and he won’t only every two weeks. I have to get right after him then. I send a card where he doesn’t have to write. Percy’s finger is a little sore and stiff in the first joint but it is coming alright.

I have one hen setting and two settings of fancy eggs to set to night. I tend Carroll’s hens and he has the eggs. Mrs. Carroll I should think was fifty five and Carroll sixty. She has twenty six scholars and seventy five cents a lesson and only three-quarters of an hour a lesson.

I think Libbie wanted an incubator had to pay that price for it. Tifft’s said Avery had lost five cows this spring with Hack bug.

We have got some of the nicest pigs you ever saw I kept at Percy to get the hogs rut of the hog house as it has a wooden floor and I think it is diseased. He has them up here on the ground but in a pen and they are dandies. Eight more came yesterday. Only two more liters to come and then they will be ready to start over.

I had a letter from Grandma the other day and one from Aunt ___. Percy and I got some of the worst post cards from S.C. I don’t know who sent them. Percy was a fare lady and mine as a pair of twins one of them was a nigger.

You folks will feel pretty nice with your new top buggy. Hope your colt is alright.

I will write to Leland later.



Kiss T and B for us.

February 22, 2011

pink flowers on trees

by Stephanie Dana

It seems like Spring already, at least here in California.

This post is for my mom.

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