gung hay fat choy

by Stephanie Dana

Happy Chinese New Year, gung hay fat choy! I am posting this today, because in Asia it is already February 3rd, and the new year has begun. Year of the rabbit. The last time I was in Hong Kong was in 2007, 4 years ago already. Looking back, here are a few images I took.

View from Maggie’s Apartment building.

Every street is like this.

Street food vendors.

Back alley.

New year trinket, and this drink that I used to get all the time, back when I drank dairy.

Gambling with Maggie and her brothers, I actually won some money in this game.

This was new since the last time I went, it was a long wait, maybe 3 hours. I was alone so I just waited.

Offerings at the temple, food, water, fruit, incense.

Fortune telling sticks, my favorite thing to do in HK.

Getting my fortune. My friend, Fion, is translating for me. They have English speaking fortune tellers, but I like Asian ones. Maggie and her mom will go this new year, and she will ask my fortune! Can’t wait to hear.

Dried fish.


Selling lettuce on the street.

Boat ride thru the mountains on a boat Maggie’s mom rented for me, they cooked us a fish.

Maggie and me, on the boat, China.


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