June, 5, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Mother & Dad-

I suppose you are bust today washing and all such. I washed this morning don’t know how much longer I will be able to but I seem to stand it pretty good yet. I have to lay down and rest after wards. I must tell you what Percy says. He is so anxious he can’t hardly wait and he won’t have to much longer this month will tell the story and the time flies. This noon he said I looked so good he could hardly wait until  I looked so again. We never could bring up one alone. He feels proud of his job. I am so large the Dr. asked me if I was going to have twins. Percy asked him id we had a liter we would need two nurses.  I expect to have a trained nurse from Concord.

Mary and Percy went to Manchester Friday, instead of Concord. Mr. Carroll gave him a letter of introduction so he brought his things 10% off. The things haven’t come yet and he won’t tell me much about them, says he has a surprise for me. I will tell you when I see the things. For himself he bought a new Panama hat and walk over slippers.

Last night while we were having lunch a doe came and was feeding out of our birdhouse in the meadow. That makes two I have seen in  a few days.

We canned pineapple and made my night dress week before last. I have a little more sewing to do but we have nearly every thing ready. We have made two thick pads for the bed of newspapers.

They are cultivating the corn today and getting ready to plow for potatoes. I think they are late with the potatoes.

Mrs. Perkins who lives below us is a fine neighbor says she is ready to come any time we send for her. When Percy goes to grange we always go down and stay until he comes back. The grange wanted to put him in assistant steward the other night. He declined. They call on him to talk every time he goes. Last time it was spraying. He told them it was time ti be acting instead of talking about it.

We had ice cream again yesterday with pineapple on top. Percy made himself sick he ate so much.

It was cool here today looks as if it might rain again. there were two nice showers last week. Mrs. Tiff’s people have got so they write to me for they know I won’t write when they do all the writing to Percy. He isn’t very prompt in answering. Mrs. Tifft over worked and was worse again. I wrote them a long letter last week.

How are the boys wish i might see them but I am afraid something would happen to them if they were shipped. Must have found a good home.

Yours lovingly,



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