June 29, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Mother,

I got your letter this morning and was pleased to get it. We have had a letter from Mr.Gesner and Aunt Hat.  of congratulations. Mr. G said he was going to send the baby a spoon. Aunt Hat said to look for a package this week for our son. We sent out two dozen announcement cards.

Now about the name Edward is because I like it and Herbert is for Grandpa Noble. His father loves him to pieces. He comes in a dozen times a day and kisses him to see him wake up. This morning when  I woke up he had him in bed with him. He makes me think of Leland only not quite so large. Holds his head up and tuns over what do you know about that. Lots of black hair and either brown eyes or dark blue I can’t tell yet. He eats and sleeps and don’t cry hardly any. I nurse him.

We had had a whole lot of postcards this morning. Mary Eddy sent me a dandy one. The Dr. says he is worth raising and the nurse loves him to death. Mary she is crazy too. Percy wants to know if he shall ship him out to you? I have a lovely nurse from Concord for $14.00 a week. Mrs. Perkin’s was with me when I was sick the nurse came on the afternoon train.

Mr. Carroll has invited Percy to go over to Laconia tomorrow to a ____ meeting at his expense. Percy wants to go and he don’t want to leave us. I told him to make plans and go. I am feeling fine but they don’t let me sit up yet. If it keeps on being as hot as it is today they won’t keep me here much longer.

Louise Tally can have her ring and a piece of my mind with it if she don’t keep her mouth shut. Has the nigger been there lately? What does Uncle Leland say about the baby? He ought to come out before long now and your folks too, before school commences again. Wasn’t it to bad that I didn’t inform the neighbors before i left so they wouldn’t have been so surprised. Instead of having the hole in the back of the car as Leland has, Edward Herbert has one in the front of each ear on that little bit.

Does it seem as hard to be called Grandma as you expected? The bed is 30 in wide and 4  1/2 feet long.

“Baby has a nice ____ about 1 1/2 inches long he looks like a traveling man by his satchel or hand bag.” P.J.

We send the washing out so I guess Mary can get along with the work. When she goes I am going to do it alone.



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