November 29, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Mother-

Edward and I will try to write a few lines. He thinks it is night and is fussy because it is so foggy. We can hardly see the farm and I have had a lamp since three oclock.

Mary was all ready to start for home last Wed. and one of the neighbors (Miss. Fisher) wanted her to take care of a crazy woman so she has gone there for a while. She is the only one who can do a thing with her. She is coming home for Thanksgiving just the three of us to eat alone. What are you going to do?

Mary has got all of her wages and could have had them anytime. She wanted to wait and have it all come in a lump. The only one besides Mitch she has had a letter from is Addie. Mitch told her something you said. He is talking one thing to you and another to Mary. I had a long letter from Grandma. Mitchel I despise because he acts like a fool.

You know they have just gotten out of a genealogy of the Foreman family and I have relation here in Warner. Miss. Roberts the nurse I had when Edward came is nursing there and she looked me up. I have a fifth cousin who is red headed and is an artist. You see you can most always find someone.

Percy said I might go home for Thanksgiving but I never will go until he goes if it isn’t in ten years.



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