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October 24, 2011

on my way…

by Stephanie Dana

This was taken last weekend in Colorado, this deer is not yard art, but the real thing. While driving down the mountain we saw a bunch more on the side of the road eating. There is something so beautiful about seeing animals in their natural habitat.

In a few hours I am driving to LAX, to catch my 1:30am flight to Asia. I am landing in Hong Kong but after that I am not sure where Maggie and I will end up traveling. The last time we saw each other was in 2009, when she came to California. The time before that I was in HK for Chinese New Year 2007. I am looking forward to our reunion, and hoping that the flight does not feel like forever, since I only have one 5 hour audio book downloaded.




October 19, 2011

Grandpa Skeeter

by Stephanie Dana



This is Grandpa Skeeter, his real name was Lionel Reeves VanMarter, he was born December 1, 1929, and died September 23, 2011. He had 6 children and my mom is the oldest.

The dates are not on the photographs, but I know that he was in Europe during WWll in the Army. He bought some fancy movie and film cameras while he was there, and as soon as I figure out if my test roll turns out, I will post some film from them.

October 16, 2011


by Stephanie Dana

Today I am shooting an traditional Sikh wedding, to celebrate Sartaj and Dave’s love. At the mehndi party on Friday I got some henna, now I have to go get ready for the big day. Just wanted to share this.