Hong Kong

by Stephanie Dana

Hong Kong is food crazy, status conscious, extremely crowded city with 8 million plus people.  It has tradition but is not like china… as Anthony Bourdain said it is a “densely packed urban jungle.” You can be somewhere during the day and at night be in the same place but feel like you are in a different city. I consider Hong Kong to be one of my many homes, my Asian sister Maggie lives there with most of her family. I have to say on this trip my Chinese improved, mostly thanks to our three old nephew. Thank you to Maggie and her family for being so loving, so gracious, and ever so giving. I miss and love you.

I am going to make several posts because I have too many images that I like.

Maggie’s Building // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Restroom // Hong Kong, China // 2011

MTR // Hong Kong, China // 2011

He calls me Auntie // Hong Kong, China // 2011

First Meal: Sushi // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Buns // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Smoking causes Cancer // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Underwear // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Mango goodness // Hong Kong, China // 2011

perfect// Hong Kong, China // 2011

Unveiling a world of excitement // Hong Kong, China // 2011

Nathan Road  // Hong Kong, China // 2011

One Comment to “Hong Kong”

  1. What amazing photos! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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