by Stephanie Dana

Malaysia is old and it’s new, it’s Muslim, it’s Hindu,  it’s Indian, it’s Chinese, it’s Malay. A country of natural fusion.

Maggie and the fish // fish spa, KL // November 2011

construction // train station, KL // November 2011

Direction to Muhammad // in hotel, KL // November 2011

6.00 hommus from Australia // the hotel, KL // November 2011

Not for tourists // local neighborhood, KL // November 2011

This was taken outside of a train station near the car park. One of first things I noticed upon our arrival at the airport were men with guns. Being somewhere foreign it was hard for me to tell if I should have felt safe or rather unsafe.

It rained everyday at 3pm. I guess that is what happens when travel during monsoon season. I can not tell you how many times we were soaked and had nothing dry to wear.

It’s hot here // KL, Malaysia // November 2011


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