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July 29, 2016


by Stephanie Dana

I used some of my photos to create wearable art.

See more leggings here:


October 21, 2013

SWELL on location Big Bear

by Stephanie Dana

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Check out SWELL here:

SWELL’s website

SWELL’s blog

SWELL’s Instagram

SWELL’s Pinterest

May 26, 2013


by Stephanie Dana

Voila_0001 Voila_0002 Voila_0003 Voila_0004 Voila_0005 Voila_0006 Voila_0007 Voila_0008 Voila_0009 Voila_0010 Voila_0011 Voila_0012 Voila_0013 Voila_0014 Voila_0015 Voila_0016

You can read more Colt and Voila! press here or here.