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September 22, 2011

Alexis + Giovanni: the wedding

by Stephanie Dana

You may remember this couple from their engagement photos. Alexis and Gio were married at the Powerhouse in Del Mar last Friday. They are adorable, and they look at each other with such love, which made me easy for me to photograph them. When we were at the beach I had a vision and asked Alexis if she would move closer to the water and stand where it was wet,  she said yes, (have to love a bride willing to go along with my creative vision). Thank you to Shillawna Ruffner for assisting.


April 20, 2011

Alexis + Giovanni

by Stephanie Dana

Looking for a hair stylist can be tricky, my friend Mindy referred me to Forbidden Hair Salon, which is where I meet Alexis. Alexis had so many different and fun ideas and these two both look at each other with tremendous amounts of love. I hope that you can see what I see.

Save the Date: Eat, Drink and be Married!

People were slowing down, honking, and Congratulating them, can’t wait until September!

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