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February 22, 2012

1897 scrapbook: part 3

by Stephanie Dana

President Kruger, State President of the South African Republic, 1899-1902.

William M’Kinley, 25th United States President.

February 20, 2012

1897 scrapbook

by Stephanie Dana

I found this book in Upstate NY, in my Grandma’s Garage sitting in a wheelbarrow. First I thought it was cool just because it is old, 1897! Then I realize someone in our family made it into a scrapbook, and saved it all these years. Here are a few pages I found interesting:

Miss Florence Foraker + Miss Julia Foraker soon to wed.

The Churchman.

Dawn of a new Century.

Sapolio was a brand of soap noted for its advertising 1883-1908. On the left page girls could get the doll free if they sold 4 boxes of “Great Cold and Head acne tablets at 25 cents a box.” “Dollie has an indestructible head, Golden hair, Rosy Cheeks, Brown eyes, Kid colored body, Golden plated beauty pin, Red stockings, Black shoes and will stand alone.”


October 19, 2011

Grandpa Skeeter

by Stephanie Dana



This is Grandpa Skeeter, his real name was Lionel Reeves VanMarter, he was born December 1, 1929, and died September 23, 2011. He had 6 children and my mom is the oldest.

The dates are not on the photographs, but I know that he was in Europe during WWll in the Army. He bought some fancy movie and film cameras while he was there, and as soon as I figure out if my test roll turns out, I will post some film from them.