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September 19, 2010

Long Beach Flea Market

by Stephanie Dana

Today I went to the flea market with Sartaj, these are the amazing finds I scored. I love to hunt, dig, and bargain, I wish all things that I wanted to purchase were like this….there is just something about being able to say “how about $5.00?” and then they sure sure and you walk away feeling great that you didn’t spend $20.00.

Picnic Basket For the beach!

New mixer for baking!

Book that I would have probably bought anyway, he wanted $7, I paid $5, and new it is almost $20…I prefer the 1970’s vintage addition anyway.

This is for celery. I am going to pack a lunch in my basket and take it to the beach.

I saw this clock before at a store and really liked it, but I didnt buy it. It still works and is so adorable.

I would eventually like to find an entire card catalog but this is really heavy and cute, I am thinking about painting it.