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June 2, 2012

Java + Mindy

by Stephanie Dana





January 18, 2012

trapeze school

by Stephanie Dana

Intense early morning fog.

My friend Lucas works part time at the Trapeze school in Santa Monica.  He came to visit me awhile back and convinced Mindy to come and fly.

Chalked up arms and hands.

Lucas flying without ropes.

January 2, 2012


by Stephanie Dana

Testing out some KOLA camera flash gels that my friend Emily gave me. These are straight out of camera, no Photoshopping. Sorry for the dust spots if there are any, I am getting my camera cleaned soon.

You can either put it over you flash, like this picture, I used the yellow one and its adds warmer to her skin.

or, you can put it over the lens and mix and match and make funky colors…

Mindy at Beacons // Encinitas, CA // January 2012