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May 5, 2011

January 15, 1912

by Stephanie Dana

Dear People-

Well it has been a long time since I have written a letter and I can’t think of much to say today. We received father’s milage, he didn’t make a half long enough visit but it was better than none.

Mary is over to Henry Dow’s for a few days. Their boy has had pneumonia but is better now. Guess she is doing house work. When they came after her, she said she should have go as a domestic. Percy was installedas master last Friday night. Guess there was quite a crowd out.

Our new clock is pretty or at least I like it. It is a green to represent bronze not one of the black ones. They are so common.

Things must look queer to see Ellisking all in ashes and Sandy Creek too.  A very bad time for a fire. We have good sleighing and terrible cold weather. 30 below zero this morning but it looks like a thaw right now.

I think you people fared pretty well for Xmas as well as us. Chicopee folks done themselves. Mary said queer they didn’t send Edward something. Every body gave him something. He looks to cute for mention in his sweater and leggin pants and little cap. He wears his cap up and down stairs every time couldn’t get along with out it.

The gray team is down in Carrolls farm. A Polander is drawing lumber. We have an old wheezer. We don’t show her any mercy they might have known her wind wouldn’t hold out and she stands with out hitching sometimes with the milk.


Mary left Mitchel letter’s laying around and he wrote something like this it was dayed Sept. 19.

Mr dear…Please let me know for you probably have heards something, why Leland don’t put his horse over here. I know it is handier for him this warm weather but if he wanted to come here he is perfectly welcome to and if not the same. You see Mitchel is getting her to say things then goes to you the same. Tell him nothing more only that I say he’s  a _______.


P.S. Edward weighs 24 1/4 now about the same height but growing nicely.

March 24, 2011

November 29, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

Dear Mother-

Edward and I will try to write a few lines. He thinks it is night and is fussy because it is so foggy. We can hardly see the farm and I have had a lamp since three oclock.

Mary was all ready to start for home last Wed. and one of the neighbors (Miss. Fisher) wanted her to take care of a crazy woman so she has gone there for a while. She is the only one who can do a thing with her. She is coming home for Thanksgiving just the three of us to eat alone. What are you going to do?

Mary has got all of her wages and could have had them anytime. She wanted to wait and have it all come in a lump. The only one besides Mitch she has had a letter from is Addie. Mitch told her something you said. He is talking one thing to you and another to Mary. I had a long letter from Grandma. Mitchel I despise because he acts like a fool.

You know they have just gotten out of a genealogy of the Foreman family and I have relation here in Warner. Miss. Roberts the nurse I had when Edward came is nursing there and she looked me up. I have a fifth cousin who is red headed and is an artist. You see you can most always find someone.

Percy said I might go home for Thanksgiving but I never will go until he goes if it isn’t in ten years.


March 8, 2011

October 21, 1911

by Stephanie Dana

I thought I would scan one of the letters to give you an idea of the handwriting, this letter is on stationary, mostly the rest are on plain paper.

Dear Leland-

Rec’d Ma’s Letter today and yours last week. How glad I am that you like your school. I do hope you will continue and have success in exams.

We have been having two days rain and I tell you the pond and dam and pretty. Everything else looks muddy. Mary is up around the house but doesn’t work any yet.

Edward is just as cute as he can be. He is sitting on my lap and watching my pen go and laughing out loud. He sees and notices everything. He laughs every time he sees his father and such bear hugs as he gets ___ he likes it. He most pushed my paper off the desk.

we thought once we would all come home this fall but we have given that up. I don;t know as I will come until I come for good. We can’t afford to come this fall although Percy thinks he ought to go. I will make a big ____ if he does.