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December 25, 2013

Maggie and Ka Fai: Tea Ceremony in Tai Po and Sai Kung

by Stephanie Dana

The night before the wedding the bride will wash herself with  hot water, water that has had special leaves brewing inside.

11:00pm: The Bride’s Sister-in-law came over to preform the ritual of hair combing and tying a red string in the Bride’s hair.

The next morning, the wedding day at 5:30am: The makeup artist and hair stylists arrive and the day begins.

8:30am: The Groom arrives and is not allowed to see the bride until he and his Groomsmen go some really ridiculous and funny tasks at the Bridesmaid’s request. Immediately following is the Tea ceremony at the Bride’s house and then at the Groom’s house.

I lost track of time after that. The wedding ended around 11:30pm, and there was so much going on during this wedding that this is 1 of 3 blog posts. The Bride had 5 dresses, (one she wore twice so maybe I should say she had 6 dresses) and for each dress she had different hair and makeup. I should also mention that I was a Bridesmaid/Photographer for this wedding. Maggie is a very dear friend of mine, and I think I cried at least 3 times on her wedding day.



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December 18, 2011

Ming Ming + Keung

by Stephanie Dana

Woke up around 6am at the Groom’s house.

A lot of older people do Tai Chi in the morning.

The bride got ready at a Hotel nearby.

The girls were getting ready for the games.

The groom and the groomsmen have to do what the bridesmaids say in order for the bride to be released.

The first tea ceremony with Ming Ming’s family.

Then we went back to the Yue house to do a tea ceremony with Keung’s family.

All my red pockets! Around 4pm we headed over to the reception…

People come early, mostly the older people and they play mahjong, and drink tea, and gamble.


My friends!

10 course meal, the eyes had lights that glowed. My 10 course meal was all vegan/veg, I only ate a few courses, so much food.

These are not posted out of order, there they cut the cake before the ceremony.

They hired a lawyer to officially marry them.